Sunday, April 01, 2007

Vancouver is Blogging Time

well, here I am. I suppose you are all wondering about the answers to two questions. The first, of course, is "when is Peter Going to blog about that new steady flame of his. seriously, he's been dating her for two weeks already!" the second question is, "what am I doing checking Peter's blog when he hasn't written a new post for more than 14 months?!" So, to all of you diligent readers, I want to thank you primarily for your loyalty, checking my blog religiously every week, despite so many disapointing consecutive weeks, and secondly, for your patience in waiting for some solid girlfriend information. I know the rumour mill has been churning out some serious gossip flour, and it's time for me to bake that flour into a cinnamon bun of sweet truth story. mmmmmmm, delicious bun of truth. So, we met one fateful evening, just after David and Kate had told me that she was so far out of my league, that I couldn't afford cheap seats to watch her practice. And even if I could afford the seats I'd have to travel to New York to watch her because that's the only city that has a team that can afford the millions of millions of dollars required to lure her out of free agency into a steady contract. I actually eventually did make the trip, but I spilled buttery popcorn on my only expensive suit bought for the purpose of finding a wife, and I had to rush immediately to the dry cleaners. Candice hit a home run in that game, and tripple deeked the shortstop on her way to the basket for a grand slam double double, and they flew her to the moon for a lunar induction into the galactic hall of fame for interstellar calibre athletes. she was unreachable for weeks!
Sorry for that tangent. Anyways, as I was saying, later that evening I shot myself in the foot with a nailgun, Ran into candice, and started a conversation on construction safety. Coincidentally, It was her thesis topic, and she asked if i would mind hanging out with her for several hours to discuss my near-life framing experiences. I agreed, and we began to see each other twice a day. We quicky racked up the hours, and began to fall in like. I met her brother-in-law who recomended Candice as a potential future marriage partner, due to how good looking her mother is (apparently an excellent indication for future good-lookingness of a daughter). I began to take things seriously, and brought her to vancouver to meet my sister. Now that her approval has been obtained, I only need to don my new pink shirt and tie, displaying my confidence in my own masculinity, to complete the wooing process. Fraser, keep your pocket-book ready!

Monday, February 20, 2006

another one?

hey guys, guess what - I'm in florida! do you know what that means? it means that the morning before i left when it was too cold to go to work, and the weather network said -27, i switched to florida and they just took away the minus symbol! it's february, and they're thankful that they have attached garages so that they don't have to go out in the heat to get to their cars! it's february, and last night i slept a few hours on an air mattress in the ourdoor pool! it's february and... well, i suppose you get the point. anyways, i'm here with my sister visiting my aunt and uncle and we're having a blast. tomorrow we're going thrift shopping, anyone want a touristy t-shirt? light beer? cool-looking cigarettes? scantily clad female? actually, i'm not sure what that list means, they don't allow alcohol in the thrift stores. i must be getting sleepy because i'm running out of thoughts to transcribe onto the blogworld. maybe i'll just end with a question. or even a shameless rip-off of one of jonny's ideas. I'll offer a $50 prize to the most interesting sounding story about something that happenned to me in florida (providing i get at least 5 entries). I will also tell the winning story as truth to people who ask me what happenned in florida, and i won't even mind if you let people know it was made up. so, deal? does that sufficiently indulge our sense of self-importance to make things worthwhile? and don't forget fifty bucks!
peter out

Saturday, January 07, 2006

new post

so so so... I don't really have anything to say, but that's never really stopped me before. this seems to be like some secret club where we tell each other what we're really thinking but in the real world just smile, wink, and offer a secret handshake (how does it go btw? two middle fingers together, pinkies rubbing each other's palms? shoot, i always forget the blogger shake!).
well, i guess i suppose i could start by presenting the idea, the incredibly lame idea, that the reason i haven't posted in so long is because i went and got myself a girlfriend. it is very similar to the reason that i haven't spent as much time with my friends lately, or with God for that matter. the thing is, once you get a girlfriend, provided that she is a half-decent one, that you seem to only want to spend time with her. let's explore the thought processes, "i could call up dave to see if he wants to catch a movie, OR i could go over to my girlfriends and sit next to her while we watch a movie" and no offense to Dave, i've cuddled up next to him during the occasional movie as well, but for some reason it just isn't the same. What IS it about girls. Once you find one that wouldn't mind cuddling back now and then - she takes over your friggen mind! have any of you ever seen My Fair Lady? let me sing one of my favorite songs for you. imagine, if you will, the voice of Henry Higgins:
Well after all, Pickering, I'm an ordinary man,
Who desires nothing more than an ordinary chance,
to live exactly as he likes, and do precisely what he wants...
An average man am I, of no eccentric whim,
Who likes to live his life, free of strife,
doing whatever he thinks is best, for him,
Well... just an ordinary man...
BUT, Let a woman in your life and your serenity is through,
she'll redecorate your home, from the cellar to the dome,
and then go on to the enthralling fun of overhauling you...
Let a woman in your life, and you're up against a wall,
make a plan and you will find,
that she has something else in mind,
and so rather than do either you do something else
that neither likes at all You want to talk of Keats and Milton,
she only wants to talk of love,
You go to see a play or ballet, and spend it searching
for her glove, Let a woman in your life
and you invite eternal strife,
Let them buy their wedding bands for those anxious little hands...
I'd be equally as willing for a dentist to be drilling
than to ever let a woman in my life, I'm a very gentle man,
even tempered and good natured
who you never hear complain,
Who has the milk of human kindness
by the quart in every vein,
A patient man am I, down to my fingertips,
the sort who never could, ever would,
let an insulting remark escape his lips
Very gentle man...
But, Let a woman in your life,
and patience hasn't got a chance,
she will beg you for advice, your reply will be concise,
and she will listen very nicely, and then go out
and do exactly what she wants!!!
You are a man of grace and polish,
who never spoke above a hush,
all at once you're using language that would make
a sailor blush, Let a woman in your life,
and you're plunging in a knife,
Let the others of my sex, tie the knot around their necks,
I prefer a new edition of the Spanish Inquisition
than to ever let a woman in my life I'm a quiet living man,
who prefers to spend the evening in the silence of his room,
who likes an atmosphere as restful as
an undiscovered tomb,
A pensive man am I, of philosophical joys,
who likes to meditate, contemplate,
far for humanities mad inhuman noise,
Quiet living man....
But, let a woman in your life, and your sabbatical is through,
in a line that never ends comes an army of her friends,
come to jabber and to chatter
and to tell her what the matter is with YOU!,
she'll have a booming boisterous family,
who will descend on you en mass,
she'll have a large wagnarian mother,
with a voice that shatters glass,
Let a woman in your life,
Let a woman in your life,
Let a woman in your life I shall never let a woman in my life.

words to live by, don't you think? they really do take over your life anyways. when i'm not with her, i wish i was with her, but sometimes when i am with her i wonder if we have anything in common at all. I suppose in the end, it's at least an excercise in learning about the extent of my own selfishness. there's nothing like having to reconcile the way you spend the majority of your free time with someone else's, to make you see how unhappy you are when you don't get to do exactly what you want. see, say i want to go to a movie. without anna, it goes like this:
Dave, do you want to see a movie? No? okay, i'll ask josh if he wants to come>
but now with Anna:
Anna, do you want to see a movie? No? okay, i'll ask ashl.. um.. what i mean to say is what would you like to do instead?
and the bigger problem is that even when she doesn't mind me going to the movie with Ashley (and i enjoy watching movies with ashley, even though she doesn't cuddle as much) i'll spend the whole movie wishing i WAS doing something with Anna instead. isn't that sick!?!
i guess i've rambled on for enough now. does anyone have any advice with dealing with this problem? have i even laid out a coherant problem? let me see... How do i not be selfish and still enjoy myself when i'm with anna? and: How do i not be lame all the time and still date anna? and finally: is it worth it to move to africa, embrace solitude, and never worry about the problem again?
thanks for listening,
Peter out

evil evil evil?

a hammer and nails

so, i apologize that i never post any more. here's something i put as a reply to one of daves posts on evil ( maybe it'll be interesting to someone.

hey dave, interesting post. I haven't read your stuff in a while. who reads this anyways, just our friends? maybe i'll throw in my two cents. I am very bored after all..
I like the arguement that anything that is not God is evil. and by that, i guess what i really mean is that anything that is outside His will is evil, or sin, or whatever you want to call it. By giving us free will, in the simplest way of putting it, God is giving us the ability to choose Him or not Him. Whenever we choose Him, the result is Good. because God is Good (in the definitions used for this arguement - remember God is Good, Not God is Evil). whenever we choose not God, the result is evil. So now, "free will" is defined as being able to choose God or not God, and therefore good or evil. so following this arguement, we see that indeed God could not allow us our free will, and at the same time not allow evil. I think a big part of the problem we have with the idea of evil is that we seem to only be able to recognize it on a grand scale. We see the holocaust and say, "that's evil" and for some reason, almost everyone can agree and recognize that what happenned there was evil. It seems impossible once we see such a clear and agreed apon example of evil to condemn the evil present in our own lives. we think, "sure, i look at the magazine covers in sev even though i know i shouldn't, but how can that compare to what the nazis have done? i'm not even hurting anyone." The truth is that we're hurting our relationships with the opposite sex when we start to consider them as objects. that's what i would suggest is the reason that looking is wrong. we say, "look at how much evil there is out there", and we forget to look at how much evil there is IN HERE.
I may be rambling, and i don't feel like using the energy to organize my thoughts any better, but i'll go on anyways, in case anyone's still reading. (dave, are you still there at least?)
so i guess the next question would be, why does God allow free will then, if it allows so much evil? If there is an answer, i believe it must be somewhere in the idea of Love. For some reason, God places value in Love: helping other people, serving, caring more for the needs of others than our own. if you believe the bible, then God has done this for us in the form of jesus, and asks us to do the same for anyone else. CS Lewis says that love would be impossible or at least meaningless if it weren't for free will. for example, if I had no choice but to hug you whenever i saw you, that hug would be meaningless. you wouldn't know if you were my friend or if i hated your guts, i could want you dead, but still, every time i see you, i hug you simply because that's the only choice i have. now, if i can punch you in the face as well, at least when i hug you, you know i feel better about you than wanting to punch in your face. as it is, we seem to have a limitless number of options of how we can act, and choosing one over the others is what give our actions meaning. anyways, that's probably all the rambling i have in me for a while. thanks for reading if any of you have gotten this far. :)

Saturday, October 29, 2005

coming to terms with my popularity

okay okay, i'm sorry. i realize it's been 24 hours with nothing from me and i admit, i've just been lazy. i know there are those of you out there who really want to read everything that i've got to say, so for all my faithful readers - Jill, Ian, Gill, Nathan, Karin - you know who you are, here's another post. just from me. to you.

so did i mention that i dislocated my shoulder yesterday? i was just stretched out on the carpet here in the wongpartment, and i tried to get up when, click crack ouch and out went my shoulder. at first jill couldn't look at me, and karin tried to put it back in like the eskimos by swinging me from my dislocated arm, but it just didn't work. then jill snapped back to her senses, googled dislocated shoulders, and before i knew it she was pulling down on my elbow yelling "throw a baseball, throw a baseball!" into my ear. i didn't know what was going on, but i obediently tried to throw a baseball and then slip click, before i realized it, jill had put my shoulder back in for me. nice work jill.

well it's noon, so i just jumped on the wongs. time to get up. jill says hi. in other news, jill has a friend named jenny who speaks korean and it sounds like wind chimes. very nice we thought. sorry you couldn't get to your grandmother in time jenny.

this might end up being a short post because we're in vancouver and there are things to do! Ian, you friggen rock. I knew you'd probably have some ice fishing escapade to share. you always do. that's why i come up here. nature. ian.

oh wait, i almost forgot! time for the obligatory girlfriend mention!
the only sucky thing about being in vancouver is that i don't get to hang out with Anna. oh well, if i'm trying to make her think that i'm normal i suppose the more time i can spend away from her while we're dating, the better. shoot! anna's actually pretty crazy herself, so maybe she won't even mind my oddities. what do you think sportsfans? if anyone could predict a tragic way for anna and i to die in a parasailing accident, that would be pretty much fantastic.

peter out

Friday, October 28, 2005

i am a blogger

well, i finally gave in. last night i read a few of my friends blogs, and there was actually some pretty interesting stuff on there. kudos to ryan for being a wicked writer. i've recently realized that my writing pretty much sucks due to me never writing anything any more, so at least this blog can be an excuse for me to practice putting stuff down in words again. so yes, i have become a blogger, i have given in to the trend, i no longer can stand alone facing the overwhelming tide of technology and putting everything you think about onto the internet. also, once Ian get's his newspaper column i'd like to be a guest writer one week. what do you think ian, deal?

so, i'm in vancouver right now. I went on a road trip to pick up my sister from lake louise and come to vancouver to visit the wongs and gilly h. so far things have been wicker basket, but how could they not be with such a killer combination as myself, karin, jill, gill, and nathan? i'm glad you agree. I'm laying on the carpet in the wongpartment with a view of cloudly grey sky and damp city spread out past the balcony. i think a band called Sigur Ross is playing and everything is very melancholy and nice. I dislocated my shoulder earlier today and jill and my sister helped me to put it back in. my sister is now in the shower, and jill is talking to her friend jenny at the kitchen table. visiting vancouver always seems very surreal but peaceful as well, and nice. I had an excellent talk with jill this morning about ideas. she's an ideas girl, that's for sure. i think she will someday back someone who takes over the world.

i don't know if there's etiquette regarding number of topics for one post, but i've still got more new things to say, so i'll keep going. i apologize that my post hasn't been very entertaining so far. i'll work on that in future posts.

so, for those of you who haven't yet heard, i started dating anna horgus last thursday. she's pretty much awesome and i don't reallly grow facial hair, so the fates just naturally threw us together. actually, it really is exciting. i don't think i've ever really been in a serious relationship with a christian girl before, so it's cool to be able to have this type of relationship that can be centered on God. i look forward to seeing what God does with us. for those of you who don't know anna, she's the pretty, charming, intelligent, witty, friendly, charismatic, awesome woman of God that moved up to edmonton from lethbridge this fall. you can probably look for more posts about her later.

also, in the news, jonny and i started a framing (houses) company in september. it's going well, we have like 6-9 people working for us (number seems to fluctuate daily) and it's pretty much a party. money's a bit tight right now, but as we keep building and the checks start coming in we should be doing well. also, we've only hired awesome people so far, and they'll probably all be foremen by next year so we'll have to become like 10 times bigger, and maybe jonny and i will sell the company in two years and retire. ahhh, sound like a plan? i guess we'll have to see how it works out. i guess that's enough info for you guys to digest. post replys. blogs are weird. do whatever you want actually. if someone were to tell me a story on here about how they were saved from certain death by a penguin during an ice-fishing accident that would be awesome.

peter out